Strength of Authentic Relationships:  

Orchestrated Opportunities was created out of the immense success of the relationships continually created by David Homan’s Orchestrated Connecting Community, resulting in numerous engagements and interactions that have led businesses, funds, philanthropies, etc to greater scale and created a larger impact in the world.

How we work:

It begins and ends with convening the right people at the right time.

We weave together strong and lasting relationships to help scale new ideas. Our strategic advisory firm represents expertise across a global network of impact oriented family offices, venture capitalists, influencers, founders, and philanthropists.   The knowledge base and access points of hundreds of our colleagues help these “connectors”  serve as catalysts for change while being recognized for the value of their relationships.

By aligning and forming customized events, groups, and introductions to amplify the values of our partners, we work to support those whose impact should be amplified, and who need great people to help achieve those goals.

Our network is built upon strong, authentic relationships.  By applying the Orchestrated Connecting Methodology to individuals or businesses/corporations and aggregating their needs through private gatherings/events, we help gain insight and traction to create business development and impact growth opportunities. It starts with understanding your positioning and needs, including outreach to ascertain potential paths for growth from trusted “nodes” in our network, and then moves quickly to accelerate opportunities by “Orchestrating” them with you.

Phase One (Positioning and Business Development):

  • Detailed Relationship/Networking Analysis
  • Business & Strategic Overview
  • Industry trends, Competitive Landscapes Analysis and Scalable Opportunities
  • Financial Assessment
  • Coaching, Story/Narrative, and Impact Positioning


Phase Two (Long-lasting Relationship Building and Sustainable Strategies)

  • Specialized Gatherings/Events
  • Curated Introductions
  • Vetted Deal-flow/Pipeline of Opportunities
  • Philanthropic/Impact Partnerships

We are not a registered broker-dealer.

Stemming also from Isaac Reshad’s success with Global Access Partners, including work in Public/Private Partnerships, Developing Markets, Government Financing, Venture Capital, and with the United Nations, among many others, we have a thorough due diligence process in evaluating opportunities that have significant potential for achieving high ROI for both the investors and entrepreneurs. This diligence process is holistic and assesses the business aspects of the organization and the cultural aspects that are required for it to thrive. Through this process, we and our partners have achieved an extremely high rate of success with multiples in returns for its investors and entrepreneurs alike.


We care about the people and clients we help.  You have to be active in impact and express a desire for positive change.  What we value in our lives needs to become part of our actions.

Isaac Reshad

Isaac Reshad works at the intersection of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the United Nations, Public/Private Partnership, Nonprofit Philanthropy, and Impact alongside his work in circular economy, real estate, and plastics. As a consultant and advisor to family offices, start-ups, and diplomats/politicians, Isaac works in between circles of influence to create larger impact.

David Homan

David Homan runs an online community of 650+ influencers and has vast experience at the intersection of impact and philanthropy. His articles, podcast, and strategic advice are regularly sought out to leverage opportunities for a variety of impact focused partners and he has raised millions of dollars through-out his career.

Orchestrated Opportunities is a registered LLC in the State of New York