“David is an exceptional connector and makes very thoughtful and considered connections. His intention is always to bring true value to the opportunity at hand and we can say so from experience. Within a few months of stating our goals to him to increase our connectivity in distribution, we were put in touch with another member of his community who helped expand our operations in the US.”

Tomas, Fountain and EBBS

“As an advisor to the Catalytic Impact Foundation (CIF), David is always on the look-out for opportunities to expand our portfolio and find other value aligned donors to our DAF Fund. Even during Covid, when the world went “digital” and people struggled to find new business, his authentic connections led to a one medical treatment we invested in as well as helping introduce a family office to support another potentially life saving Covid-19 treatment.”

Rick, CIF Founder

“After meeting Evan in one of David’s curated events, I engaged with Evan and his family to learn about an impact/environmental business in its Series B I was supporting. We began serious talks and they joined in investing.

This all occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, so nobody physically met before completing the deals. I have little doubt that meeting through the trusted network of the OC community established an expectation of integrity that made each of us comfortable with each other very quickly.

The community David has curated helps each of us to bring our authentic selves, and the ethos he’s inculcated builds-in a level of trust that often takes months or even years to foster in a business relationship.”

Will, Impact Advisor